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Great Lawyer!!!!

This was a quick, easy, painless process with Brian Monk. As my situation happened out of state, Brian made it very easy and stress free. He always kept me informed with what was going on and always answered his emails in a quick manner. I highly recommend Brian! [Avvo]
-Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Criminal charges

I had 2 drug charges that I could not afford to have on my record. Not only that, but i was being charged in a different city a few hours away. Both charges were dropped and I never had to show up to court once. This guy knows what he is doing. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Excellent attorney with prompt results!

Brian took over my case recently and immediately went to work expediting the process. We secured a mediation hearing in a relatively short period and with his experience and expertise, came to a quick and reasonable agreement. Brian completely understood my position and supported my wishes. He was knowledgeable and well prepared. I highly recommend his services!!! [Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

The Best Man for the Job, Interstate Child Custody and Dependency Court

Thanks to Brian my daughter is now living with me in Georgia. One of the things that impressed me most was the opinion of the those in the court and Florida state social system. More than once someone expressed a high opinion of Brian and their appreciation that he was on the case. We had a very difficult time getting my daughter to be able to live with me here in Georgia. I don’t believe that we would not have succeeded without Brian’s help. I can’t say enough about the job he has done for us. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

An Estate Planning Client

Mr. Monk definitely gets an A+ from me. He handled this matter with professionalism, answered the many questions we posed in a manner which we understood. He is very kind and understanding. I would most definitely recommend Mr. Monk to any and everyone that needs any legal support He has a way about him that puts you at ease and is a joy to deal with him. His knowledge of the law is remarkable and his professionalism is outstanding. We were clients of him before in an entirely different matter and knew he would be the right attorney to deal with again. [Avvo]
-Posted by an Estate Planning client

Wonderful Attorney

Brian is a wonderful person, in addition to being a skilled lawyer. He helped me to navigate a very sad and contentious divorce, against a vicious Plaintiff’s attorney, and achieve an excellent result. He is a calm and steady presence, and I recommend him to any person seeking representation in divorce proceedings.[Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

Divorce / Final Judgement Modification

My ex-husband and I handled our divorce pro se. I naively agreed to a few issues, e.g., health insurance and child support, verbally. Ignorant yes it was, nevertheless shortly thereafter I found myself running into major issues from our “verbal agreements” not being upheld. I quickly came to realize I was in need of an attorney. From the first consultation to trial, there was never a moment where I felt uneasy. Brian and his paralegal were amazing! I was always up to date on all case matters. If I had a question, Brian was always available. When Brian is by your side, you are protected and represented by the best[Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

Domesticating a divorce and child support

Mr. Monk helped me on domesticating my divorce to this state, on clearing up some silent issues within my divorce and also child support. All in all he did a great job getting it settled in my favor. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

Restraining Order Client (injunction)

We had a very lengthy hearing on a contested domestic violence injunction matter. Mr. Monk “won” this case after questioning both the Complainant and Respondent and won each and every objection in this matter. He was well informed of the facts of the matter, well informed on the procedures and the law regarding the case. He was articulate and very professional. He kept us informed at every step, explained the procedure and discussed the verdict with us after the judge made his decision on the matter. If we ever need an attorney again, for any matter, we will definitely contact Mr. Monk. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Domestic Violence Injunction client

Successful decisions as respondent in two injunctions for domestic violence and repeat violence.

Mr. Monk represented me as the respondent against two injunctions. One for domestic violence and one for repeat violence. Through detailed questioning of two investigating officers and the petitioners Mr. Monk skillfully discredited the petitioner’s affidavits. It was an impressive representation and my case was the only successful result of the day[Avvo]
-Posted by a Domestic Violence Injunction client

Highly Recommended

Mr. Monk was very professional and very helpful in providing me with updates on my case and recommendations which were in my best interest. We received the desired outcome and I am very happy with his representation of me. I would highly recommend him in the future. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

Brian Monk is an outstanding attorney!

Mr. Monk revised my Will/Living Will. He was most knowledgeable of what was legally necessary to complete this revision. I found him to be honest, caring, understanding and genuine in his effort to help his clients. He puts you at ease immediately and listens to what your thoughts and concerns are. He is truly one of the best. Based on my contact with Mr. Monk, I would highly recommend him for any legal needs. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

Knowledgeable and Precise

Brian Monk provided me with excellent service for a relatively small case. It was evident through his and his firm’s actions that they were concerned with my case. I thought the price was fair, and they strived to keep me informed throughout the proceedings. I definitely recommend him. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Criminal Defense client

I Was Devastated

In a moment of stress I made the biggest blunder a man my age could make and subsequently I was charged — and I was so devastated it was hard to function day in and day out. After meeting with Mr. Monk I feel like I could start to live again. Thank God he valued me as a person because I could not. He was very clear in what the future possibilities were for me legally, and what he would do. He made himself available to me, was very focused on my case and obtained the best possible outcome. This man knows what he is doing, a five star rating should be just the start for this attorney. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Criminal Defense client


Brian was a great find for the revision of our family estate planning documents. It was great to find someone so grounded, knowledgeable and understanding of our circumstances. We are very pleased with his services, and will use him again in the future. [Avvo]
-Posted by an Estate Planning client

Great Lawyer

Brian represented me in my divorce. He helped me receive 50/50 timesharing and defeated my ex-wife’s claim for an outrageous amount of back support. He is cool, calm and collected rather than your typical “bulldog” attorney which I think definitely helped me in my case. [Avvo]
-Posted by a Divorce client

Time share and child support

I was recently represented by Brian in a time share and a child support dispute which was ruled in my favor. I can’t express how pleased I am with the service I received. I will not hesitate to use his legal services in the future.[Avvo]
-Posted by a Family Law client

Mr. Monk was Extremely Professional

I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Brian Monk and his skills in dealing with family law. I just went through arguably the toughest year of my life, dealing with a very hard divorce and separation from my ex-wife and children. What made my case even more challenging, was I live in Iowa, and my ex-wife and children live in Florida. Mr. Monk came very highly recommended to me, and I didn’t hesitate at all once I spoke with him via phone. Mr. Monk had my absolute best interest at heart and was very patient given the dynamics of this divorce. If you are looking for an extremely fair and overall good person to represent you in the court room, Mr. Brian Monk is your attorney. Thanks Brian.[Avvo]
-Posted by a Divorce client


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